Bob Bly – author of 80+ books and the man McGraw-Hill calls “America’s top copywriter” – unveils the most important breakthrough in social media marketing since the invention of Facebook …

“LinkedIn Marketing Magic.”
It’s like ordinary LinkedIn networking – on steroids!

A breakthrough system for lightning-fast, kick-butt networking on LinkedIn that gets you 5X more leads in 1/5th the time—guaranteed or your money back!

Dear Reader:

Millions of people are on LinkedIn. But only a tiny fraction of these users are satisfied with the amount of leads, prospects, and projects LinkedIn produces for them.

If that describes you … and you want to build your business much more rapidly with LinkedIn than you are today … I have some really good news for you:

My partner Peter B. and I have developed a foolproof networking system that can generate dozens – even hundreds – of new connections and leads for you on LinkedIn … in a fraction of the time it now takes you – if you are doing it at all.

More good news: While PB and I are offering this new method, which we called LinkedIn Marketing Magic as a “done for you” service, we realize that not everyone reading this can afford the hefty price tag.

So along with copywriter Katherine Kay, we have put our LinkedIn Marketing Magic method into an instructional e-book LinkedIn Marketing Magic.

When people hire us at a big fee to do the LinkedIn Marketing Magic system for them, we guarantee – provided they have 500 or more first-level connections – 1,000 new views of their LinkedIn profile page within 90 days.

We also guarantee the same results when you follow the method in our e-book and do the work yourself – at a tiny fraction of the cost of hiring us to do it for you.

Now let me explain why getting 1,000 profile views is so valuable … and how it can help you get a boatload of new leads, prospects, and business on LinkedIn….

How LinkedIn Marketing Magic works

LinkedIn Marketing Magic (LIMM) is a methodology that automates much of your networking on LinkedIn.

The system can generate dozens of contacts, leads, and prospects for you on LinkedIn – without you spending your precious billable time “working” LinkedIn on your own.

Here’s how it works….

Using a suite of inexpensive off-the-shelf software tools, LinkedIn Marketing Magic enables you to view the profiles of your 2nd level connections. (We even show you how to do the system manually, without the software, if you shun technology.)

When you view a 2nd level contact, the person will get a notification on their cell phone or computer that you viewed their profile. Many times people will look to see who is viewing their profile on any given day.

Out of curiosity, if they don’t know you, they will click through to get to your profile page.

If you have interesting and engaging content relevant to what this person needs and wants as a business professional, they will likely click the Connect button on your page to invite you to connect on LinkedIn with them.

Because the individuals coming to your LinkedIn profile are targeted as potential clients, a percentage of these may have an immediate need for your services. Usually a number of these prospects will invite you and ask for an opportunity to discuss their needs.

Once the connection is made, they have opted in, just like any other opt-in tool or box online. And they’ve given you permission to contact and dialogue with them. This begins the process of building a relationship and converting that person into a new customer.

On average, if you use LinkedIn Marketing Magic to drive 1,000 LinkedIn users to view your profile page, assuming relevancy between them and you, approximately 30% will invite you to connect with them on LinkedIn, giving you approximately 300 new first-level connections - all of whom you can talk to directly on LinkedIn.

Choose do-it-yourself (DIY) or “done for you” LinkedIn Marketing Magic

We offer two levels of LinkedIn Marketing Magic.

The first option it to buy our e-book and do it yourself. The instructions are clear. No special skills are required. The software you need is readily available and inexpensive. No programming required, And we even show you how to use the LIMM system manually. It’s slower without the software. But it still works!

In the LinkedIn Marketing Magic e-book, you will discover:

  • Why LinkedIn is the “killer” social media network for B2B networking, prospecting, and lead generation. Page 1.
  • The 3 levels of LinkedIn connections – and why you need to convert your 2nd level connections into 1st level connections. Page 4.
  • The one action on LinkedIn that, if you can get a prospect to take it, is most likely to convert him into a valued 1st level connection. Page 6.
  • How to get potential networking partners and clients to discover you on LinkedIn. Page 7.
  • Are you connected to up to 360,000 prospects on LinkedIn on some level? The answer may shock you. Page 8.
  • How to notify a prospect via computer or their cell phone that you are interested in connecting with them. Page 10.
  • Why 1st level connections are the key to networking and getting more prospects, leads, and opportunities on LinkedIn. Page 11.
  • 5 ways to manually get more connections and leads on LinkedIn without using any automation software. Slow, but it works. Page 13.
  • Why potential LinkedIn connections care that you viewed their profile – and what they will do for you in return. Page 14.
  • 6 no-cost/low-cost software tools that can automated your LinkedIn networking and put it on steroids. Page 17.
  • How to harvest an unlimited number of 2nd level connections and recruit them into your LinkedIn network. Page 23.
  • How to create a spreadsheet of your LinkedIn connections for easy viewing and automated networking. Page 20.
  • How to assemble your potential LinkedIn prospects and their key data into an easy to read table. Page 28.
  • Not every 2nd level connection is a good prospect for your services. Here’s how to select the ones who are. Page 29.
  • Automating LinkedIn page views of your prospect’s LinkedIn profiles. Page 31.
  • How and why to build a high-conversion LinkedIn profile page. Page 37.
  • LinkedIn only allows you to post 3 live links on your Profile Page. Here’s where they go and which ones to use. Page 40.
  • Where to download all the software you need to do LinkedIn Marketing Magic on your own. Page 44.
  • How we can help you implement the LinkedIn Marketing Magic system if you do NOT want to do it yourself. Page 35.
  • And more….

But, after reading the book, you may decide that you like the LinkedIn Marketing Magic system but do not want to do it yourself.

In that case, you can turn to chapter 6 which explains our “done for you” LinkedIn Marketing Magic Gold service.

It’s exactly the steps we described in our e-book except we do all the work so you don’t have to. And if you have 500 or more first-level connections, we guarantee 1,000 views of your LinkedIn profile page within 90 days provided the 3 conditions in the sidebar are met.

The $1,500 LinkedIn marketing campaign you can do yourself for $39

So what is all that really worth to you?

Well, Peter and I charge $1,497 to do a LinkedIn Marketing Magic Gold campaign.

That may sound like a lot of money. But for that price we guarantee 1,000 views of your profile page within 90 days. If 30% of those become 1st level connections, you have added 300 new 1st level connections to your LinkedIn network at a cost of $5 per prospect. That’s a small fraction of what you’d pay to generate leads with other marketing methods.

On the other hand, you can use our LinkedIn Marketing Magic guide to do the system yourself for much less money. The list price of LinkedIn Marketing Magic e-book is only $69.

But order today and you can get it for just $39 – a savings of $30. That’s less than I charge for just 5 minutes of my time.

Our 100% iron-clad guarantee of satisfaction

Plus, your satisfaction is fully guaranteed. If not 100% delighted with our LinkedIn Marketing Magic e-book, simply let me know within 90 days.

I’ll refund your $39 in full without question or quibble. And you can keep the e-book free – my way of saying “thanks” for giving my material a try. That way, you risk nothing.

To order LinkedIn Marketing Magic on a risk-free trial basis, just click below now:

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Bob Bly

P.S. Order LinkedIn Marketing Magic today, and you get a big 137-page bonus e-book, Marketing Your Professional Services on LinkedIn (list price: $39) absolutely FREE.

In it, you will discover:

  • How to create and update your 7-part LinkedIn profile. Starts on page 14.
  • 6 steps to successfully marketing your professional services on LinkedIn. Page 6.
  • The 3 most important things you can do to promote yourself on LinkedIn. Page 7.
  • How to position yourself as a subject matter expert on LinkedIn. Page 19.
  • How to get people to recommend you on LinkedIn to others. Page 22.
  • 5 ways to build your personal brand on LinkedIn. Page 52.
  • How LinkedIn can improve your e-mail results by 30%. Page 34.
  • 7 ways to enhance the copy on your LinkedIn profile. Page 41.
  • How to write an effective LinkedIn summary for your profile. Page 44.
  • Avoid this profit-robbing mistake on your LinkedIn profile. Page 47.
  • Enhance your status with 3 kinds of “social proof.” Page 48.
  • Enhance your profile with these 10 LinkedIn apps. Page 55.
  • How to get a boatload of recommendations on LinkedIn. Page 58.
  • 10 tips for getting the most out of your LinkedIn Group. Page 85.
  • Showcase your expertise with LinkedIn Answers. Page 88.
  • 6 steps to optimizing your LinkedIn profile for search engines. Page 114.
  • And more…..

Best of all, you can keep the free bonus book even if you request a refund on LinkedIn Marketing Magic.

To order LinkedIn Marketing Magic … and claim your FREE Bonus E-Book … just click below now:

P.P.S. If after buying the e-book you decide you want to use the Gold service instead of doing LinkedIn Marketing Magic on your own, we will apply the $39 purchase price of the book toward your Gold service engagement.

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